Telling time in English

Tell time in English can be challenging for learners. This lesson we will learn to talk about the time around the clock. First look at the picture of the clock below to understand the rule.

Telling time in English

7:00 It’s seven o’clock. It’s seven p.m. / a.m.
12:00 It’s twelve o’clock. It’s noon / midnight.
3:10 It’s three ten. It’s ten (minutes) after three.
7:14 It’s seven fourteen. It’s fourteen after seven.
9:15 It’s nine fifteen. It’s (a) quarter after nine.
1:21 It’s one twenty-one It’s twenty-one minutes past one.
11:05 It’s eleven oh five. It’s five after eleven.
2:09 It’s two oh nine. It’s nine minutes past two.
6:30 It’s six thirty. It’s half past six.
4:50 It’s four fifty. It’s ten minutes to five.
10:45 It’s ten forty-five. It’s quarter to eleven.
8:35 It’s eight thirty-five. It’s twenty-five minutes to nine.

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