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Job Application Form


Secretary: May I help you?

Mark: Yes, you can. My name is Mark Johnson. And I’m 5 minutes late for a job interview.

Secretary: That’s OK. You can fill out thí job application. You can have a seat right over there.

Mark: Oh! O.K. Thank you.

Secretary: You’re welcome.

Mark: Excuse me.

Secretary: Yes?

Mark: Um! On this application, should I use my full name or my nickname?

Secretary: Your full name would be best.

Mark: Thank you

Secretary: You’re welcome.

Mark: Excuse me. For my address, do you want my home address or my university address.

Secretary: Your home address would be the best.

Mark: Thank you

Secretary: You’re welcome.

Mark: Pardon me, for job experience, do you want full-time jobs …?

Secretary: We want everything, we would like everything.

Mark: Full-time, part-time?

Secretary: Yes, everything full-time, part-time, everything.

Mark: Thank you

Secretary: You’re welcome.

Mark: Pardon me, for references …

Secretary: You need two, two of them, two …

Mark: O.K. Can it be somebody in my family?

Secretary: No!! They cannot be. A family member cannot be a reference. No!

Mark: O.K.

Secretary: That’s O.K. Don’t worry about it. Do you have a resume? A resume.

Mark: A resume?

Secretary: Yes.

Mark: Uh … Yes, I …

Secretary: If you give me a resume, that is all we’ll need.

Mark: O.K.

Secretary: Just a resume.

Mark: Sure. I have it, I have one. Here.

Secretary: Thank you, thank you very much. Please have a seat and my boss will be with you in a moment. Please sit, just sit down.

Mark: Wow! I think I should not ask her any more questions.

Boss: Hello, Mr. Johnson. I’, Sam Wilson, the Office Manager. How are you?

Mark: I’m fine, thank you. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Wilson.

Boss: It’s nice to meet you, too. Would you please come into my office?

Mark: Thank you, sir.

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