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How to encourage in English

There are times when you meet someone in a happy or sad situation, and you want to encourage them. Here are phrases and useful words you may need to use to encourage people in English. Good encouragement is the biggest help in the conversation.   Expressing Goodwill . . .when someone is arriving Welcome Welcome back! Come in. It’s good […]

Expressing Possibility in English

Expressing Possibility in English

How to express possibility in English speaking? When we are talking about the future, we often don’t really know what will happen. In this lesson we will learn the ways that we think have a chance of happening. 1. We can stay here for the evening. I’d rather not. It’s only a few more hours (of […]

Expressing Likes and Dislikes

In this lesson, we will learn how to express likes and dislikes. Besides, we will study some vocabulary and phrases to have a good answer. 1. I like fruit. What kind? Oranges and bananas. 2. Helen likes sports. What kind of sports? Football and tennis. 3. Ms. Cramer doesn’t like coffee. Really? Does she like tea? […]