How to Train your Brain to Think Fast in English!

How to train your brain to think fast in English?  Use these 3 steps to help you start training your brain to think fast in English.  Together well go through the 3 steps you should be taking to enable you to train your brain to think fast in English, and some tips to help you […]

Starting a Conversation in English

Starting a Conversation in English

How to start a conversation in English? You can speak English quite well. But sometimes you find that the hardest part is simply how to start a conversation. Now you can learn these expressions for starting a conversation in English in any situation – formal or informal, at work, school, or other contexts! General greetings and inquiries […]

Count noun and non count noun

Count and Non-count Nouns in Context

Count nouns can be counted as one or more. Non-count nouns cannot be counted. They usually express a group or a type. Listen to the examples below:     Non-count Nouns I’d like to buy some _________. How much do you need? Let’s see. Five ____s* should be enough. All right. Five____s of ________. Anything else? No, […]

learn english talking about travel

Talking about Travel

Here you can find some questions you can ask your partner when talking about travel. Besides, you will learn some short expressions to answer the questions.   1. How do you get to work? I usually drive my car. 2. How long does it take? It takes half an hour. 3. How often do you ride the […]

learn english giving direction

Giving Directions

In the previous lesson, you have learnt about Asking for Direction. But what happens if someone ask you for directions. This is the lesson that gives only basic directions with phrases. Learn and do the best you can.  Questions you may hear  How do I get to Main Street? Where is the closest gas station? Can you tell me where […]

5 easy ways to learn speaking English for beginners

5 easy ways to learn speaking English for beginners

To learn speaking English is an important part of your career. There are many students asking me how to improve their speaking skill in English. With practice, you can learn to speak the English language very well. But I would like to share 5 easy ways to learn speaking English to give you some ideas to […]