English Conversation at Work – First Contact with a Customer

Susan: Mark, Friday at 1 o’clock, I would like you to go with me to a seminar. Mark: Sure, no problem. Friday at 1 o’clock. Susan: Maybe you should write that on your calendar so you don’t forget. Mark: Really, no problem, I can remember. I promise. Susan: O.K. See you on Friday. Mark: O.K. […]

Tips on Making a Good First Impression in English

    A warm smile, a firm handshake, and a sincere gaze are all important aspects of making a good first impression. But let’s not forget confidence – confidence in your English, that is! Because a few clumsy or inappropriate words in English can drastically affect the impression you’re trying to make, we’ve written this […]

How to understand the Headline in English

How to understand Headline news in English

Many students have difficulty understanding newspaper headlines. This is because newspaper headlines are often incomplete sentences (i.e. Difficult Times Ahead). Here is a guide to the most common exceptions found in newspaper headlines. Noun Phrases Headlines often contain a noun phrase with no verb. A noun phrase describes a noun (i.e. around strange, exotic people). […]

understanding the news in English

How to understand the News in English

Do you like to stay on top of current events? Why not watch the news in English? To help you through the broadcast, check out this useful guide to newsroom lingo! This lesson will help you understand how the title of the news will tell what the content is about.   “Breaking news” When news is […]

10 things you should never say in English

10 things you should never say in English

The season for holiday gatherings is coming, but are you ready to keep the conversation going in English? As you meet and greet friends, colleagues and new acquaintances, remember that casual conversation topics in your language may not be acceptable in English. Here’s a short list of what not to say to avoid insult or […]

HOW do you learn English the fast and easy way?

How to learn English quickly?

Do you want to become a more confident English speakers? Do you want the ability to automatically think in English? If so, this video is for you. In this video, I am going to tell you Secret to learning Englsih Quickly and easily with: No classes No studying No memorization … That might sound impossible […]

Irregular Verbs in English

List of Irregular Verbs in English

Most verbs in English are regular. It means that the base verbs don’t change when we use them in past tense or past participle. Irregular verbs are those change their forms when we use them in past tense or past participle. For example: Regular verb: work – worked – worked Irregular verb: have – had […]