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How to be the world’s best guest

how to be the world best guest

Do you want to be a sensitive, popular guest who gets invited back? Read our six top tips for being a good guest. Then learn some common phrases when you invited guests to your home.

  1. Clothes – if you are in a formal situation, dress smartly: a suit and tie for men, a long skirt and jacket for women.

  2. Gift – if you are going to stay in someone’s house, don’t arrive empty-handed. Bring a small gift if you are staying for a short period of time, a bigger gift for longer periods. Expensive chocolate works in most situations.

  3. Greetings – to shake hands or to kiss? Wait to see what your host does.

  4. Food – always accept it when offered, whether it looks horrible or delicious. Try to eat all of it and say it tastes good. Most people are proud of their cooking even if they shouldn’t be. Don’t hurt their feelings.

  5. Names – in formal situations, don’t use first names. Always use titles (Doctor, Professor, President) until the person tells you not to.

  6. Leaving – the most important tip for being a good guest is to know when to say goodbye. The secret is to leave while the host is still enjoying your company and wants you to stay longer.


Some useful phrases to use when you have guests to your house.

Make youselft at home
you give permission for someone to use something that is yours

Excuse the mess
you are apologising for how your home (or office) looks

Be my guest
you want someone to feel relaxed in your house

Help yourself
you are offering someone food or drink

Have a seat
you are inviting someone to sit down, maybe at work

Put your feet up
you know someone is tired and you want them to relax


Discuss the questions for speaking practice.

  1. When was the last time you were a guest? What was the situation?
  2. When was the last time you had a guest? Was he or she a good guest? Why?
  3. What type of things do good and bad guests do?

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