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Talking about Occupations in English

Talking about Occupations in English

Occupation is what people do as their work to earn a living. Here are some sample phrases and sentences you can use for talking about occupations in English.


1. He works in a hospital and help people who are sick. Sometimes he gets people shot or medicine.

2. She works at school and teaches students all day long.

3. He works in a kitchen and prepares lunches and dinners for customers. He loves to eat.

4. He flies airplane everyday to faraway places.

5. She works in a hospital and takes care of sick people. She helps the doctors with many things.

6. He cuts and styles hair all day long. He works in a barber’s shop.

7. He works outside and brings mails and packages to people.

8. He protects the cities from crimes and bad people. He also helps people with directions and other questions.

9. When there is a fire, he comes to the rescue. He drives a big red truck and a loud siren.

10. He works in a bus and helps people get to works to schools and many other places.


After listening, you do the following quiz. Fill in the blank the job of the person described above.

barber      teacher      pilot      bus driver      fireman      cook      postman      nurse      doctor      policeman

[ssquiz id=2]

7 thoughts on “Talking about Occupations in English”

  1. firstly I want to say thanks, everybody, to provide this course and I will enjoy this course thankyou

  2. “He works in a hospital and helpS people who are sick. Sometimes he GIVES people shotS or medicine.”
    Hello. Thank you for your work. This could be interesting for teaching and learning if there weren’t mistakes as in this transcript above. The recording is accurate but the transcript, not at all. I’ve corrected it here above. Know, that to “get someone shot” as the original transcript says, is to cause someone to receive a bullet… from a gun. Yikes! It’s not at all the same thing as “getting a shot” i.e. vaccine, or even less, “giving shots” in a hospital or other medical facility, i.e. adminstering a vaccine/vaccines. Hope this helps!

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