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How to describe trend in graphs


In this lesson we look at the language used to describe graphs. Graphs help people understand data quickly. You can use them to make a comparison or show a trend.


Production grew rapidly in the first quarter, but reached a plateau of about 70. Since then it has remained more or less stable.

graph 1


Production started climbing steadily but flattened off at a level of around 70. Since then, it has fallen steadily.

graph 2


Production grew more and more rapidly over the first three quarters but then reached a peak. Since then, it has quickly dropped.

graph 3


Production started the year in a stable position, but then plunged in the third quarter. It has now flattened out at a level of 20.

graph 4


Production fell considerably over the first three quarters, reaching a low of 20. Since then it has staged a partial recovery.

graph 5

There has been a slight increase in production over the year.

graph 6


Production started off steady, but fell sharply in the last quarter.

graph 7

Production has fluctuated all year.

graph 8

Production showed a marginal rise in the first three quarters, but then suffered a sharp drop.

graph 9

After a considerable drop in the first two quarters, production bottomed out at 20. Since then it has started to rise.

graph 10

There was a rapid drop in production in the first quarter, but it bottomed out at about 20.

graph 11

Production has dropped slowly but steadily over the year.

graph 12

Production has experienced a strong, steady growth over the whole year.

graph 13

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