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Happy Birthday Lucy

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It’s Lucy’s birthday today. A lot of people come to the party to celebrate her birthday. Listen to the conversation and learn how they use the Past Tense.

LucyThat was a great surprise. Thank you very much, Sarah.
SarahOh, don’t thank me. I didn’t do it. It was Jordan.
LucyJordan!? But…
SarahWell, we all helped. I invited everybody. Peter got the drinks and Cindy and Ryan made the food. But it was Jordan’s idea. He organized it.
JordanHi, Lucy. Happy birthday. Are you enjoying the party?
LucyHello, Jordan. Yes, I am, thank you. Sarah said that you organized it.
JordanOh, well, everyone helped. I didn’t do a lot really.
LucyYes, but it was a nice idea. Thank you.
JordanThat’s OK.
Jordan/LucyLook. Are you doing anything … ?
JordanOh, sorry, after you…
LucyNo, you first…
JordanOk, Are you doing anything at the weekend?

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