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Nice to meet you

A family is moving to a new apartment. They meet their neighbor for the first time. They have the greetings and introductions to each other. Listen to the conversation and repeat.

Mary David! Help me. This box is too heavy.
David Just a moment, Mary.
Tina Tha’t O.K., Dad. I can help Mom.
David Thanks, Tina.
Mary Whew! I’m so tired!
David I am, too, Mary. But there are a lot more boxes out there to be moved.
Joe Hi. My name is Joe Williams, and this is my wife, Sue. We live in the next apartment.
Mary Hello, Joe. Hello, Sue. My name is Mary White. Nice to meet you.
Sue You must be the new family living in this apartment.
Mary Yes, we are. Would you like to come in? Joe and Sue Williams, this is my husband, David. And our daughter, Tina.
David Hi, Joe. Nice to meet you. Hi, Sue. Nice to meet you.
Tina Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Williams. It’s very nice to meet you.
Joe Nice to meet you, too.
Sue Nice to meet you.
Joe So, can we help you? You have so many boxes!
David Don’t you mind?
Sue We don’t mind at all. We’re happy to help our new neighbors.

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