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Dialogue 12 – What do you do?

what do you do


Jeff: Hi, Mark. I want to introduce you to my friend Lena.

Mark: Hi, Lena. Nice to meet you.

Lena: Nice to meet you too.

Mark: So, Lena, what do you do?

Lena: I’m a doctor. How about you? What do you do?

Mark: I work for the government.

Now let’s review the vocabulary

Nice to meet you is used when meeting someone for the first time. A response to nice to meet you is nice to meet you too.

The question what do you do? is used to ask about a person’s job.

I’m a + a job: This is a way you can tell people your job. Use “I am” (or “I’m”) plus a job. For example, I’m a doctor. I’m a teacher. I’m a lawyer. I’m an accountant.

I work for + an organization or person: This is another way you can tell people about your job. Use “I work for” plus the organization or person. For example, I work for the government. I work for the mayor.

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