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Differences between Have and Have got

She has/has got a relax time.

Are there any differences between “have” and “have got”?

Have and Have got both mean the same. But what are the differences between have and have got, and how to use them correctly in various speaking situation? Let’s study the following examples to understand the usages.

I have a car.I have got a car.
She has a big house.She‘s got a big house.
They don’t have anything.They haven’t got anything.
Do you have a ticket? No, I don’tHave you got a ticket? No, I haven’t


Use of “have” and “have got” in past tense

Note only the different of using have and have got in negatives and questions. Have use “do” as auxiliary verb, meanwhile have got use “have” as auxiliary verb (don’t have vs haven’t got)

In past tense, we don’t use “had got” but use only “had” instead and the auxiliary verb “did

  • I had a new laptop. (correct)
  • I had got a new laptop. (not correct)
  • He had an accident. (correct)
  • He had got an accident. (not correct)
  • They didn’t have anything. (correct)
  • They hadn’t got anything. (not correct)
  • Did you have the exam last week? (correct)
  • Had you got the exam last week? (not correct)


Use of Have as an action verb

Have as an action verb

  • Tom has dinner at home.
  • The students had a football match.
  • have a shower every day.
  • They had a short business trip.

Have expresses an action and it is called action verb. We cannot use got with the action verb and cannot use a short form.

  • I have a music lesson at 6pm. (correct)
  • I‘ve a music lesson at 6pm. (not correct)
  • Mike has a new car. (correct)
  • Mike‘s a new car. (not correct)

We can use have in continuous tense, too.

  • I am having an English conversation.
  • She is having lunch now.
  • What time are you having your meeting?

We use auxiliary verb “do” in negatives and questions with “have”

  • I didn’t have a good time after divorce?
  • She doesn’t have a driving test.
  • What time do you have breakfast?
  • When did you have your driving lesson?




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