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IELTS Speaking Test – An Event That Changed Your Life

Here is an IELTS Part 2 question asked last week in Sri Lanka

Talk about an event that changed your life. Please say:

    – What was the event?
    – Why did it change your life?
    – Where and when did it take place?
    – Who was there with you?


IELTS Part 2 question sample answer

I’ll tell you about something which happened to me a long time ago. It was when I was on vacation with a friend, Cathy, in Canada. We were both young girls at the time and we were staying at a cabin in the mountains which belonged to Cathy’s family.Her grandmother and aunt were with us also. During our vacation we went on a trip to visit some of the native indians who lived in a special place in the north of the country, quite near to where the cabin was located. The trip took about an hour and we spent most of the morning at the indian camp, learning about their culture and meeting some of the tribe.On the way back from the indian camp we stopped to have a break and eat something. Cathy and I went to play in a small wooded area near where we had stopped. There were several large trees and one of them had a rope hanging down from one of its tallest branches. It was a long rope and Cathy and I decided we would try and climb up the rope and see how far we could reach.

I decided to go first because I thought it would be easy… and it seemed so at first… but then when I was about twenty feet from the ground I heard a strange noise. I felt the rope move in my hands in a weird way and I realized something was wrong.

Without further warning the rope broke! I immediately began falling towards the ground… screaming “Help!” to Cathy. I hit the ground very awkwardly and I felt a great pain in my right leg. Cathy was also screaming by now… she was yelling to her aunt and grandmother to come quickly. I looked down at my leg and I could see some bone sticking out from the skin. That’s when I fainted.

Cathy told me what happened next. They carried me back to the car and drove me quickly to the local hospital in the town near where we were staying. The doctor there gave me some drugs to help ease the pain and then set the bone and put a cast on my leg until it could heal. I was a little frightened but at the same time the doctor made me feel safe. I was amazed by what the doctor did; I thought she was very clever. That was when I decided I wanted to become a doctor just like her, when I grew up.

From that moment on it was all I could think about. I started to read all about doctors and learn about medicine and to study anatomy and eventually when I was old enough I went to university to study medicine to become a doctor.

I graduated last year, but I’ll never forget that first experience with the doctor in Canada. I thought it was amazing what she did, and now I know how to do the same. It was definitely an event which changed my life.

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