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IELTS Speaking Test – Saving Money to Buy something Special

IELTS speaking test Canada Part 2 question about saving money to buy something special

IELTS Canada Part 2 speaking test question about saving money

Describe something (special) that you saved money to buy. You should say:

    what it was
    how long it took you to save enough money to buy it
    why you wanted to buy this thing
    how you got (or, earned) the money

and explain how you felt when (or, after) you bought it.

IELTS Part 2 questions sample answer

I’ll tell you about my first car. I bought it when I was 17 years old so it was very special for me because it changed my life. I became more independent and went to all kinds of places I wouldn’t have gone without it.

I had decided to buy a car about six months before I actually bought it. I wanted to have a car because where I was studying was quite far away and getting the bus everyday was a bit of a hassle. At that time, I was also working part-time in a local restaurant at nights and sometimes we used to finish working quite late and getting a bus home was a problem. Quite often one of the other workers had to give me a lift or I had to take a taxi, which was expensive. So I basically wanted to be more independent and not have to worry about using public transport anymore.

Obviously, I couldn’t afford a new car, but I started to save as much money each week as I could. I even took on an extra part-time job at the weekends which helped me to save even more money faster. I stopped going out so much and was very careful with the money I spent on other things while I was saving. After about six months, I realized I had enough to think about buying a second hand or used car. I spent some time looking through the local paper to see what was available and went to a couple of local car dealers with a friend to look at some cars for sale.

In the end, I finally bought a used car from a man who lived quite close to me. It was an old car, but it was in good condition and he had looked after it well. He had been the only owner of the car since it was new, so that made me feel confident that it would be a good buy.

Not surprisingly, I was very excited after buying it and spent all my spare time driving around visiting places or taking my friends out for trips. It was great to be able to go anywhere, anytime without having to worry about buses or taxis again. I kept that car for around two years and it never gave me any problems. Eventually, I decided to exchange it for a newer and better model once

I had saved up some more money, but I’ll never forget my first car… it was a really important change in my life.


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