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IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 – A cousin you admire

IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe one of your cousins whom you admire very much.

You should mention:

  • Your relationship to him or her
  • How he or she looks
  • What he or she is like.

Sample Answer

You see, there are a couple of people who I admire very much in my rather extended family, but the one who I think highly of Is my first cousin. I mean my uncle’s son. He’s my father’s nephew. He looks rather tall, with white hair, dark eyes, healthy body at age 50, and he is a very tough man. He doesn’t wear slasses and he wakes up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning and exercises for about half an hour. The interesting point about him is that he doesn’t use an alarm clock to wake him up he has a biological clock that never loses time. About his personality I should say that he has worked hard all his life in the army and his heavily built body indicates that. He usually goes to his doctor but not for treatment but for a friendly chat since they are old friends. He is very strict and appreciates discipline very much. Moreover, he adores his family, he still remembers and talks about his wife who passed away ten years ago. He hates films and serials and loves only documentaries.

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