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IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 – Effect of Technology

IELTS Speaking Topics

Please talk about the effect of technology in your school.

You should mention:

  • What kind of technology it is
  • When it appeared in your school
  • Whether it can replace human teachers.

Sample Answer

Well, you know, …er… about two years ago we started using computers in our school and some teachers assigned some homework that had to be done by means of computer. For example, our English teacher asked us to find some reading and listening passages and texts in the Internet and share them with others. Our math teacher encouraged us to search for sites related to math problems. About the third question I think technology can never replace human teachers, at least at lower levels of education. Teaching isn’t just sending and receiving messages. It goes much further. Teaching includes human relationship. The way a teacher looks, smiles or frowns at a student influences the process of learning. There are many peopl who chose to be a teacher just because they love theirĀ teacher or they followed a career since their teacher recommended that. Nowadays they say computers are starting to have emotion and feeling, but I think they can never act like a human being. You may become very excited when you see your primary school teacherĀ after twenty years, but it never happens that a person gets excited when visiting his or her old useless computer in theĀ attic or basement of his house. Of course technology is progressing so fastĀ that we can’t imagine what comes to the market in future. Maybe cloning gives us some new unprecedented outlooks.

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