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IELTS Speaking Test – A Place away from Home

IELTS speaking Describe a place away from home

Here is an example of a Part 2 question from an IELTS interview in the UK this month.

Describe a place away from home where you stayed.

You should say:

where it was

when (and / or how long) you stayed there

what you did there

and explain how you felt when you left it.

IELTS speaking Part 2 question sample answer

Okay, I’d like to tell you about an apartment I stayed in with a friend while we were on vacation. The apartment was located on the fourth floor of a building on the seafront in Acapulco. My friend made all the arrangements to rent it for a week. I think she found it on the internet and contacted the owner to discuss all the details and reserve it for the week we wanted to stay there.We visited Acapulco in the summer, so it was quite hot at the time. We stayed in the apartment for seven days before moving onto Cancun.
The apartment was lovely; it had nice white walls and some really interesting pictures hanging in the main living room. The bathroom was well equipped with a really powerful shower, which was very refreshing, and the bed was extremely comfy. The apartment came supplied with linens and towels and everything we needed and there was even a lady who came to clean it halfway through our stay there. The owner had organized her to come and clean the kitchen, bathroom and change the sheets on the beds and things like that. It was a nice surprise for us. The apartment had a great view of the beach and the ocean and we used to sit out on the balcony some evenings and watch the sun go down before heading out to get something to eat or visit some places.
It really was a very nice place to stay. I have to admit, I was quite sad when we eventually had to pack our things and leave, it had been a wonderful vacation and such a nice apartment, much better than staying in a hotel.

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