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Lesson 1 – Focus on Grammar

Focus on Grammar – Verb “To Be”

The Verb “to be

Structure of the verb “to be”:

Subject + to be

In Present Tense, “to be” is used as am, is and are. Let’s see the following examples.

Subject pronouns and be (Affirmative)
I am AmericanWe are American
You are American (one person)You are American (more than one person)
He is AmericanThey are American
She is American 
It is American 


More examples

Iama student.
Heisa teacher.
Sheisa journalist.
Itisa book.


Contraction with “to be

I am = I’m
You are =You’re
He is = He’s
She is = She’s
|It is = It’s
They are = They’re
We are = We’re

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