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Lesson 1 – Greeting and Introduction


Greetings in English. Saying hello. Listen to the conversations.

  1. A:  Hi, I’m Tom. What’s your name?
    B:  Anna.
    A:  Sorry?
    A:  Anna!
  2. A:  Hi, Dad. This is Dave.
    B:  Hello. Nice to meeting you
    C:  Nice to meet you.
  3. A:  Good evening. What’s your name?
    B:  My name’s Janet Leigh.
    A: You’re in room 5.
  4. A:  Hello, John. How are you?
    B:  I’m fine, thanks. And you?
    A:  Very well, thank you.



Match the response to the right greeting.

Nice to meet you too   –   Hi   –   I’m Steve   –   I’m fine

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