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Practical Grammar – To Be in plural form

“To Be” in plural form

  • We are in the supply room.
  • You are in the supply room.
  • They are in the supply room.
  • We are not in the supply room.
  • You are not in the supply room.
  • They are not in the supply room.


  • We are = We‘re
  • You are  = You‘re
  • They are  = They‘re
  • We are + not = We‘re not


Complete the conversations. Write We’re, You’re, They’re in the blank.

A: Are Sandra and Elena here?
B: No, they are not. (1)________ in the office.

A: Are we in the Meeting Room A?
B: No, we’re not. (2)________ in Meeting Room B.

A: Where are they? In the parking lot?
B: No, (3) ________ not in the parking lot. They’re in the supply room.

A: Are the offices down the hall?
B: No, (4) ________ across from the meeting room.

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How to make questions and answers with “to be” in plural form

  • Are we partners? – Yes, we are. / – No, we‘re not
  • Are you partners? – Yes, you are. / – No, you‘re not
  • Are they partners? – Yes, they are. / – No, they‘re not



Complete the conversations. Write the words on the blank.

A: Are they in the supply room?
B: No, (1)_______ not.

A: Allen and Eva, (2)_______ engineers?
B: Yes, we are.

A: (3)_______ here?
B: Yes, but they’re in the restroom right now.

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“To Be” for information questions and question words

  • Where is the post office? – It’s on Main Street.
  • What is your occupation? – I’m a cashier in a restaurant.
  • Who are they? – They are my new friends
  • Where am I? – You are on Walter Street.



Complete the questions. Choose words. Write the words on the blank.

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