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Speaking practice – Asking for directions

Listen and Read

Practice speaking English by reading out loud the following conversation.

Man: May I help you?

You: Yes. I’m looking for Manuel’s Restaurant.

Man: Manuel’s? It’s right around the corner. On Hill Street. Do you know where that is?

You: Hill Street? Yes.

Man: Well, Manuel’s is down that street … in the new building next to the parking lot. It’s on the right-hand side of the street.

You: Excuse me?

Man: It’s on Hill Street. On the right. Next to the parking lot.

You: Thanks.

Man: Sure. No problem.



Listen again and check your understanding.

Choose your response.

Click to play the audio, then choose the best response.


[ssquiz id=15]


Listen to the audio and choose your response.

[ssquiz id=16]


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