Time and Date

Listen and write the missing words. Take a pen and paper to write down your answer.

I usually wake up at six o’clock on weekdays and I get up at (1) half_  past six. I always have (2) _____ first and then I have a (3) _____. I leave home at eight o’clock and I (4)_____ to the salon. I start work at 8.45 and we open the salon at half past (5)_____. I have a cup of coffee at about 11 o’clock and I (6)_____ at half past one. I finish work at five and we close the salon. Then I sometimes (7)_____ with my friends. I go home at half past six and I (8)_____ dinner. Then I (9)_____ and I usually go to bed at 11.30. The salon isn’t open on Sunday and Monday. I always (10)_____ on Monday.


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