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Introduce People and Things

Couple and estate agent

You want to introduce a person to your another, how will you do it? Let’s focus on these statements.

  1. This is Minnie Rivers.
    That is Mr. Lewis.
  2. Minnie is a writer.
    Mr. Lewis is a barber.
    Gail is an artist.
    He is a photographer.
    She is a secretary.
    He’s a dentist.
    She’s a doctor.
  3. I am a computer programmer.
    I’m a businessman.
    I’m a businesswoman.
    I’m not a mechanic.
  4. We are writers.
    They are engineers.
    You are a student.
    You are students.
  5. This is an apple.
    This is a banana.
    That is an orange.
    That is not a tomato.
  6. It is a telephone.
    It’s a horse.
    It’s not an airplane.

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