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How to describe in English

Learn how to describe in English

If you meet someone on the street, you may want to describe them later? This lesson will help you to learn phrases and vocabulary to describe people and things. If you learn to describe by phrases, you will improve your speaking and you will be able to speak English more fluently. First, you listen to the following conversation.


1. What does Martha look like?She’s tall, dark and beautiful.
2. What else can you tell me?Well, she has long, black hair and blue eyes. She’s kind of chubby and wears glasses.
3. What is George like?He’s funny, cute and really rich. He reminds me of that guy on the Morning Show.
4. Tell me about your new apartment.Well, it’s pretty small. It only has two rooms and a bathroom. But it’s comfortable enough for me.
5. What did you think of the Himalayas?Well, the view was gorgeous. Of course, it took two days to get there, and the weather was freezing!


1. How to describe someone’s physical features:

  • What’s he/she like?
  • What does he/she look like?
Phrases used to describe
  • He is handsome.
  • She is very nice.
  • He has curly hair, beautiful black eyes and attractive lips.

2. How to describe someone’s personality:

  • What’s he/she like?
  • What sort of person is he/she?
Phrases used to describe
  • He seems to be quite talkative.
  • She is a rather shy person.
  • He is moody.
  • It seems as if Peter is easy-going.


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