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Telephone Talk in English

telephone talk learn english

How to make an English conversation on telephone?

A lot of people find that having conversations on telephone in English are much more difficult than talking to people face to face. Some of the reason are because you cannot see their body language and expressions to guess their meaning. Or maybe you feel nervous when you talk on the telephone. It is better that you should prepare how to make a phone call in English is one of the best ways to overcome these difficulties. In this lesson, we will provide you with two sample telephone conversation. You will learn by remember the useful expressions and phrases for you to speak English more fluently on the phone. One of the best way to have a good conversation on telephone is that don’t be worried about asking people to repeat what they says or to speak more slowly.


In the sample telephone conversations below, R is the “Receiver” and C is the “Caller.”

Conversation 1


R: Hello.
C: Hello. Is Steve there?
R: I’m sorry. He’s not here right now.
C: What time will he be back?
R: Around five thirty.
C: This afternoon?
R: Yes. May I ask who’s calling?
C: This is his friend, Greg.
R: Okay. I’ll tell him you called.
C: Thanks.

Conversation 2


R: Tyler residence.
C: Is this Naomi?
R: No, this is her sister, Nancy.
C: You sure sound like Naomi.
R: Oh. Can I take a message?
C: Sure. Please tell her that Andy called.
R: Okay. I’ll give her the message.
C: Thanks.
R: Bye.

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