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Giving opinions in English

How do you give your opinion on something? Is by starting a sentence with “I think…”? This expression is fine but let’s learn and listen to other expressions we also use when we want to share our views.

Asking for Opinions

What do you think?

What’s your opinion?

What are your ideas?

Do you have any thoughts on that?

How do you feel about that?

Giving Opinions

I think we should get a new car.

I don’t think we need one.

I believe (that) smoking should be outlawed.

I don’t believe (that) it should be illegal.

In my opinion, Gone with the Breeze is the best movie ever made.

I feel that it’s the right thing to do.

I don’t feel that it’s such a good idea.


More ways to give opinions

In my opinion, it’s a good idea.
If you ask me, we should buy it.
Personally, I don’t think we should rush to a decision.
As far as I’m concerned, unless they increase their offer, I’m not interested.
You know what I think? It’s a great restaurant.
I reckon it’s the best film I’ve seen this year.reckon is informal and used more in British English than American English.
If you don’t mind me saying, yellow really suits you.
The way I see it, it’s better to keep trying than give up now.
To my mind, it’s a good idea.
Frankly, I think this is a bad ideaused when what you are about to say is your honest opinion, even though others might not like what your view.

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