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Would like vs like, be like vs look like

like vs would like

How to understand the difference between would like and like, be like and look like.

Would like
vs. (Do) like

What kind of food do you like?(Facts, personal preferences)

I like beef, fish and apples.
I like Japanese food.

What kind of food would you like?(If you could choose)

I would like Chinese food.

What kind of friend(s) do you like?

I like a person who has talent.
I like someone who is easygoing.
I like people who are kind.

What kind of person would you like to marry?

I would like someone who has a lot of money.
I like a man/woman/person who is friendly.


Be like vs. Look like

What does Ben like?(What are his personal preferences?)

He likes football, chocolate and horror movies…

What does Ben look like?(Physical description)

He is short, white and good looking.
He has grey hair and wears glasses.

What is John like?(Description of personality)

He is very kind and friendly. He is a nice guy.

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