Future Perfect Continuous tense

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Perfect Continuous tense is used to express situations that will last for a specified period of time at a definite moment in the future. We also use this tense to express certainty about the cause of some future situation. Structure of Future Perfect Continuous Tense Positive: Subject + will have been + Verb-ing Negative: Subject […]

Future Continuous Tense

How to make the Future Continuous Tense? Let’s study the structure of Future Continuous Tense. Positive: Subject + will be + Verb-ing. Negative: Subject + will not be + Verb-ing. Question: Will + Subject + be + Verb-ing? For negative sentences in the future continuous tense, we insert not between will and be. For question sentences, we […]

Will and Be going to

Introduction to Will and Be going to What are the difference between Will and Be going to for the future meaning? First we will study the following conversation. Emma: It’s my birthday soon. I‘ll be eighteen next Sunday. Joan: Oh, really? Are you going to have a party? Emma: I‘m going to have a meal […]

Present Perfect Simple or Continuous

Mike has been repairing the car. The car cannot run now. We use the Present Perfect Continuous for an action happening over a period of time. We are thinking of Mike doing the repair and the car cannot run now. Mike has repaired the car. He is showing the repairing cost to the owner. We […]

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous

We have been waiting here for twenty minutes 1. Introduction to Present Perfect Continuous We use the Present Perfect Continuous for an action (waiting). The action happens over a period of time (for twenty minutes). Here the period lasts up to the present – They are still waiting now. 2. Structure of Present Perfect Continuous […]

Past Continuous or Past Simple?

Well, when we were driving home last night, we saw a strange object in the sky. 1. Introduction This lesson will help you to understand the difference between Past Continuous and Past Simple. Both the past simple and the past continuous refer to completed actions in the past. 2. Past Continuous or Past Simple? A reporter is interviewing […]

Past Continuous Tense

I had a wonderful time last morning. I was sitting in a park. The sun was shining, and the birds were singing. The cherry flowers were blooming. It was very peaceful. 1. Introduction The Past Continuous means that at a time in the past, we were in the middle of an action. Study the following […]

Talking about here and now – Present Continuous

In this lesson, we will practice to speak English on present continuous tense. Listen to the conversation and repeat.  1. What is Ms. Chan doing?  She is writing a letter.  Oh. That’s nice.  2. What is he doing?  He’s playing hockey.  That’s interesting.  3. What are you doing?  I’m reading a book.  Is it interesting? […]

Present Simple or Present Continuous

We have learnt about Present Simple and Present Continous. In this lesson we will learn how to differentiate the two tenses in use. 1. Sometimes or Now? PRESENT SIMPLE PRESENT CONTINUOUS We use the Present Simple for repeated actions.”He works at the local TV station” means that he does it again and again, he works everyday. It always rains at […]