Wh-questions Asking for Information

Wh-questions Asking for Information

What is a Wh-question A Wh-question begins with a question word. This lesson will show you how to use them. Question words are who, what, which, whose, where, when, why and how. We use a Wh-question to ask for information. You can see the different with the lesson Short Questions and Answers. Understand the structure of […]

Past Perfect

He had studied English before he moved to London. The past perfect tense is quite an easy tense to understand and to use. This tense talks about the “past in the past”. How do we make the Past Perfect Tense? Positive: Subject + had + Past Participle. Negative: Subject + had not + Past Participle. […]

Present Perfect or Past Simple

Present Perfect and Past Simple are two confusing tenses to most of English learners. This lesson will help you to understand how to differentiate the usage of the two tenses. First, we will see the examples: 1. Present Perfect or Past Simple We‘ve won the Cup! It’s our at last! Well, we won the Cup last year. […]

Talking about Past Actions

We use the Past Simple to talk about events, states or actions that have been completed at some point in the past. The past actions can be short or long. 1. What did you do last Friday? I went to a baseball game. 2. Where did you go? I went to Detroit. 3. When did […]

Past Continuous or Past Simple?

Well, when we were driving home last night, we saw a strange object in the sky. 1. Introduction This lesson will help you to understand the difference between Past Continuous and Past Simple. Both the past simple and the past continuous refer to completed actions in the past. 2. Past Continuous or Past Simple? A reporter is interviewing […]

Past Continuous Tense

I had a wonderful time last morning. I was sitting in a park. The sun was shining, and the birds were singing. The cherry flowers were blooming. It was very peaceful. 1. Introduction The Past Continuous means that at a time in the past, we were in the middle of an action. Study the following […]

Past Simple

It all happened very quickly. The grey car came straight out of the corner and hit the blue car. The blue car didn’t have any chance. It was the grey car driver’s fault. Introduction to Past Simple Use the Simple Past to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time […]