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3 simple tips for better IELTS Speaking Test

Here are three very simple tips that could improve a better score in your IELTS Speaking Test:


1. Be confident

Taking the speaking test is always nervous. Try to take a deep breath, it will help you to get your confidence back and speak more clearly. Smile and be friendly with the examiner. When you go to the speaking test, tell yourself that you have prepared for the test very well and that any challenge is enjoyable.


2. Know that you are prepared

To make you feel more confident, you should learn things you need be aware of in the IELTS Speaking Test and what to expect at IELTS Speaking Test. Be prepared for exactly what to expect, you will know that you have prepared and practiced well for the speaking exam. For example, make a check list if you have prepared some common topics for the Task 2 or if you have practice for a past or present or future questions in Part 3.

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Speak naturally

Keep a normal conversation with the examiner. Try to speak as naturally as possible. Don’t be worry about your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation or listening carefully to the questions at this time. Most of the questions are about you, about your routines, your opinions. The examiners are always interested in students who speak openly about their experiences and opinions.

*Note: Body language is not marked at the speaking test, but I’d still recommend that you try it. Body language will help you to be more confident and to act in a friendly manner.


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