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Sample IELTS Essay Writing – Use of Taxes to Maintain Roads

Your opinion on using money of taxes to maintain roads. Improve the transportation.

To construct and maintain roads is a public service administered by the government. However, where does the money come from? Somebody believe that the government should allocate money from national finance on the road construction; but others think that the roads are constructed for people, so every tax-payer has the responsibility for constructing and maintaining the roads. It is so called What is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people.

To the first opinion, since government is the administrative organ, it has responsibility to do overall plan on those public services of city construction, including constructing the road. They think that the government should do plan and allocate every penny on all things concerning peoples life.

However in reality, the government cannot do all specific plans and money allocations on every detail concerning the society running. It only has the right of macro-adjustment and control. To be specific on the road construction, many people believe that based on the principle above, since the road is constructed for the convenience of people themselves, every tax-payer has duty to devote a little on the road construction, which is not only for the city overall plan, but also for their own use fundamentally. Once the constructions finish, the roads will be wider and longer, the facilities along the roads will be better in use, by then people could further improve their working efficiency, etc…

As I know, the second opinion is more reasonable and feasible, because it has two advantages: Firstly, the government could reduce heavy burdens, simplify and make clear the usage of money; Secondly, tax-payers are clear about the usage of money they turn over, thus improve the transparency. Therefore, it is a good measure for both sides to allocate money from the tax paid by people on the road construction.

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