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Sample IELTS Essay Task 1 – Study Hours by Subjects

Sample IELTS Essay Task 1

Hours per Subject, Level 1 and Level 2 at HCT.

Write 150 words discussing the information in the two pie-charts below.

Hours per subject 1

Hours per subject 2

Sample IETLS Essay

The pie charts reveal information on the hours spent on 6 subjects including Engineering, computers, physics, math, English and chemistry by a student in two difference levels.

Apparently, It can be seen that English is still of the most importance among the others considering the biggest proportion of time (36% in level 1, or 8% higher than that of level 2) a student spend learning it.

Another striking feature is that are changes in the popularity between Engineering and Math in 2 levels. While as much as 24% of students’ time goes to studying Math in level 1 as opposed to approximately 20% for engineering, the figures in level 2 are 22% and 28%, respectively.

The remaining time is equally divided among 3 subjects: Chemistry, computers and physics. However. it is interesting to see but difficult to explain why chemistry is highly appreciated in level 2 with around 11% of a students’ time devoted to the subject but almost ignored in the first level.

In short, the pie-charts may well reflect differences in the hours spent per subjects in 2 levels. It is noticeable that English is now of great importance to almost everyone.

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