Are there any restaurants near here?

Everyday English Conversation

Listen to the conversation between a stranger and a woman at the information center. The stranger is asking for information about where to eat and stay in the city. Pay attention to the phrases There is and There are in the conversation.

A Can I help you?
B Yes. Are there any restaurants in the station?
A Yes, there are … but … what ‘s the time?
B Half past eleven.
A Ah, they’re closed now, but there’s a snack bar over there. That’s open.
B And is there a cash machine here?
A Yes, over there.
B Thanks. And hotels?
A There are two hotels near here. The Charlotte Street Hotel … that’s about two hundred and fifty pounds a night.
B Two hundred and fifty pounds? That’s expensive.
A And there’s the Ridgemount, that’s about eighty pounds.
B Where’s that?
A It’s here on the map.
B OK … thank you for your help.


Language Note:

How to use There is and There are

We use “there is” for singular nouns, “there are” for plural nouns and “there is” for uncountable nouns.

There is + Singular noun There is an apple on the table.
There are + Plural noun There are two apples on the desk.
There is + uncountable noun There is some water on the table.


We add not after the verb is/are to form the negative sentence.

There isn’t + Singular noun There isn’t an apple on the table.
There aren’t + Plural noun There aren’t two apples on the desk.
There isn’t + uncountable noun There isn’t some water on the table.


The verb is/are is place in front of there to form the question.

Is there + Singular noun Is there an apple on the table.
Are there + Plural noun Are there two apples on the desk.
Is there + uncountable noun Is there some water on the table.


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