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Can I have your name?

In this lesson, you will learn to say your name in English. You will also learn to give personal information in English. Listen to a conversation between a university teacher and a new student. Click on the sentence to hear the conversation sentence by sentence.


ACan I help you?
BYes, I’m a new student.
AWelcome to the university. Can I have your name?
AHow do you spell Stefanie?
AAnd what’s your family name?
BMy family name’s Young.
AOK, Stefanie. Here’s your student card.
BThank you. Oh, my family name’s not correct.
AOh, sorry. How do you spell it?
BIt’s Young, Y-o-u-n-g.
BThat’s right.
AThat’s fine, Stefanie. You will stay in the room 101.
BRoom 101?

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