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Can I have your name?

In this lesson, you will learn to say your name in English. You will also learn to give personal information in English. Listen to a conversation between a university teacher and a new student. Click on the sentence to hear the conversation sentence by sentence.


A Can I help you?
B Yes, I’m a new student.
A Welcome to the university. Can I have your name?
B Stefanie.
A How do you spell Stefanie?
B S-t-e-f-a-n-i-e.
A And what’s your family name?
B My family name’s Young.
A OK, Stefanie. Here’s your student card.
B Thank you. Oh, my family name’s not correct.
A Oh, sorry. How do you spell it?
B It’s Young, Y-o-u-n-g.
A Y-o-u-n-g.
B That’s right.
A That’s fine, Stefanie. You will stay in the room 101.
B Room 101?
A Yes.

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