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Dialogue 30 – Starting a business

Start a business

This continues our Everyday Conversations about business.

Chimwemwe: Thanks for meeting me for coffee. I know you’re busy, but I would appreciate some financial advice.

Diego: Of course. I’m always happy to help. What’s the issue?

Chimwemwe: Well, I want to start my own company, but I don’t have much capital. What are my options?

Diego: One option is to take out a loan. You want to make sure you get a good interest rate and that the financial institution is stable and trustworthy.

Chimwemwe: I’ve looked at different lenders and have found some good ones. But part of me doesn’t want to rely on borrowing.

Diego: If your business seems like it will be very lucrative, you may be able to get a venture capitalist to invest in your business.

Chimwemwe: That’s a good idea. Since you work in finance, would you happen to know of anyone I can talk to about this?

Diego: I think I can get you at least a couple of contacts.

Chimwemwe: That’s fantastic! Thank you.

Now let’s review the vocabulary

Capital is money, property, etc., that is used for investment or for starting a business.

A loan is money that someone or a company/corporation borrows from a financial institution or an individual for a period of time with a promise that it will be paid back; often the person must pay interest.

An interest rate is the percentage of the amount of money borrowed that the borrower must pay to the lending institution in addition to the amount of the loan.

A financial institution is a company such as a bank or investment company that provides financial services like loans, investments, etc.

Lenders are financial institutions or individuals who lend money that is then paid back with interest.

Borrowing means taking money from a bank or other financial institution with the intention of paying it back over a specified period of time, usually with interest.

Lucrative, especially when said of a business or job, means producing a lot of money or profit.

A venture capitalist is a person or financial organization that invests in new businesses or the expansion of small companies, becoming a partial owner of the business and with the goal of making a large profit.

4 thoughts on “Dialogue 30 – Starting a business”

  1. Question 1:What is the principle of communication?
    I’m always happy to help. What’s the issue?(extracts)
    Communication mainly includes the following three links: listening, asking questions and answering. These three links run through the whole communication process. Learn to listen. Learn about the basic situation and demands of customers by listening. In this stage of communication, we should be “four-hearted”: Sincere, attentive, attentive and patience.

    Question 2:How to use it?
    1. When sincerely listening to customers’ statements, we should keep a modest and learning attitude, so that the other party can feel valued and respected, and lay the foundation for the effective development of the whole communication process.
    2. Be attentive and careful when listening to the customer’s statement, and don’t be half-hearted. Before communicating with customers, make sure your mobile phone is silent.
    3. In the process of listening attentively, we should not only grasp the voice language of the customer, but also observe the body language of the customer, so as to capture the true intention of the other person’s heart.
    4. Be patient. In the process of communicating with the other party, smile and don’t interrupt the other party easily. At the same time, in the process of listening, you should respond to each other’s statements by nodding your head.

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