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Where are you from?


Here you will learn greeting other people, asking where they are from. Listen to the conversation and repeat.

JaneHow are you?
RyanI’m fine. Thank you. What about you?
JaneI’m good. My name is Jane. Nice to meet you.
RyanI’m Ryan. Nice to meet you, too.
JaneWhere are you from?
RyanI’m from the United States. And you?
JaneI’m from England.


Choose the correct answer.

[rapid_quiz question=”A: Is he happy? B: Yes, ______” answer=”he is” options=”he is|it is|is he” notes=”Correct answer: he is”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A: _____ your first time in the USA? B: No, it isn’t.” answer=”Is it” options=”Are these|Is it|is these” notes=”Correct answer: Is it”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A: Where ______ from? B: She’s from Brazil.” answer=”is she” options=”is she|she is|is he” notes=”Correct answer: is she”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A: Is it a big university? B: Yes,_____ .” answer=”it is” options=”it isn’t|she is|it is” notes=”Correct anwer: it is”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A: _____ a teacher? B: Yes, he is.” answer=”Is he” options=”Is he|She is|Is she” notes=”Correct answer: Is he”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A: Is it a big country? B: No, _____ .” answer=”it isn’t” options=”it is|she isn’t|it isn’t” notes=”Correct answer: it isn’t”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A: Is she a student? B: Yes, _____ .” answer=”she is” options=”he is|she is|she isn’t” notes=”Correct answer: she is”]

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