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Making offers in English

Making offers in English
Would you like some cookies?

Similar to making requests or asking for favours, we should be polite and helpful when making offers in English conversations. Here are the common expressions to use when you offer.

  • Can I… ?
  • Shall I… ?
  • Would you like … ?
  • How about …?

Let’s listen to the conversation to learn how to make offers in English.

1. Here. Have a cookie.Thanks.
2. Would you like some pie?No thank you. It looks delicious though.
3. How about a glass of wine?Thanks, but I don’t drink (alcohol).
4. What will you have (to drink)?Orange juice will be fine.
5. Would you like some more cake?Sure. It’s really good. Did you bake it yourself ?
6. Can I get you some milk or something?Well, a glass of water would be okay.


English learner must be able to make offers as well as  accept or reject them. The following are useful expressions to do so.

  • “Can I help you?” – “Yes, I am looking for a pencil.” (at a shop)
  • “Can I help you?” – “No thanks, I can do it myself.
  • “Shall I help you with washing the clothes?” – “Yes, please. That would be very nice
  • “Would you like some coffee?” – “No thank you.”
  • “Would you like me to open the door for you?” –  “Thank you, that would be great.”
  • “I’ll do the cleaning, if you like.” – “Don’t worry, I’ll do it.


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