Talking about Locations

When talking about locations, we usually use the question with “Where…?”. In this lesson, we will learn the different ways to express locations and how to ask the questions with “Where”.

talking about locations

She is reading the magazine in the living room.

1. Where are the magazines? They’re in the living room, on the coffee table.
2. Where is the remote control?  It’s probably on the sofa, between the pillows.
3. Where did you put the keys?  I think they’re in the bedroom, in the top drawer.
4. Where’s the spider?  It’s in the bathroom, next to the bathtub.
5. Where’s Fluffy?  He’s probably hiding under the rocking chair.
6. Where’s Troy’s toy truck?  It’s outside by the big brick bridge.
7. Where did you find the book?  It was on top of the refrigerator.



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