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English Conversation at Work – Meeting a Customer

Jim: You must be Mark Johnson?

Mark: You must be Mr. Pearson?

Jim: Yes. Sorry I am late.

Mark: Never mind. Please sit down. Would you like something to drink?

Jim: Yes. Some tea would be nice.

Mark: Waitress! A cup of tea, please. So Mr. Pearson, I hear that your company is very large.

Jim: Yes, it is a very large company. We have more than 1 million customers.

Mark: Wow! And it seems that your company is not only domestic, but it is also an international company?

Jim: Yes. It is an international company. It has customers in more than 10 countries.

Mark: Wow! I think you must be a very busy man.

Jim: Yes! I stay very busy.

Waitress: O.K. What can I get for you to eat today?

Jim: I would like a steak.

Waitress: Alright and what can I get for you, sir?

Mark: I think I would like a steak also.

Waitress: O.K. I’ll have that back in about 5 minutes.

Jim: Thank you.

Jim: How long have you worked at Wilson Marketing Company?

Mark: Well, not very long. Actually, this is my first week. But I have worked in chemical sales for several years.

Jim: Really? How do you like it?

Mark: Oh, I love it. It is a very good job. And the products that I will sell to you are very good also.

Jim: That is, if I buy the products. I have to know about them first before I decide to buy them.

Mark: That’s true, that’s true. Today, I just wanted to meet with you for a short time and talk with you about how our products can help you. These papers explain how the products will help.

Jim: What is this page about?

Mark: O.K. This page list our products’ specifications and explains the chemical processes of our products.

Jim: I see. And how about this page?

Mark: Well, this page is a report about the new high technology that we used to research and develop our products.

Jim: O.K. And how about this page?

Mark: O.K. This page lists all of the advantages your company will receive when you use our products.

Jim: Good. Could you give me a few days to read them and to talk with my staff about them?

Mark: Sure, no problem. Maybe I can meet with you again next week and we can discuss our products. Then?

Jim: Yes. I think it would be fine.

Mark: Thank you … Also I need a receipt, please.

Waitress: O.K. I’ll be right back.

Mark: O.K. Here are some papers and brochures with information about our products.

Jim: Thank you. You know Mark, I am really glad I met you today. It seems like we’re already friends.

Mark: Thank you, Mr. Pearson. So when would be a good day to meet next week?

Jim: I think Tuesday morning is good. Are you free then?

Mark: Just a moment. Yes. Tuesday is fine. So I will meet you at your office on next Tuesday and if you have any questions about our products, you can ask me then.

Jim: O.K. Thank you for lunch, Mark. It was delicious.

Mark: You’re welcome. Alright. So, see you next Tuesday.

Jim: Yes, that will be fine. Goodbye, Mark.

Mark: Goodbye, Mr. Pearson.

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