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Presenting a Product to the Customer

Jim: Oh! Hello, Mark. Coming please.

Mark: Hello. How are you today?

Jim: Fine, thank you.

Mark: Did you have a nice weekend?

Jim: Yes, it was very nice. I spent time with my family. I took my children to a football game.

Mark: Sounds like you had a nice time. I hope you are not too busy to talk with me today.

Jim: No! Never mind. I have read all of your papers about the products

Mark: Oh good. What do you think? Are you interested?

Jim: Your products are very interesting. But I have some questions about the products.

Mark: No problem. What would you like to know?

Jim: O.K. Tell me about these products, Mark.

Mark: O.K. Well, you can use these products in your machines at your factory.

Jim: Really? How will they help?

Mark: Well, first of all, they can help your machines to run faster.

Jim: You mean they will help to improve the production if I use these products.

Mark: Yes. You will have more production and you will have better quallity if you use these products.

Jim: For my factory, which product is the best use?

Mark: Let’s see. I think this product is the best for your factory.

Jim: Why?

Mark: Well, because you can use this product in all of your machines and it’s very easy to use.

Jim: Is it dangerous or toxic?

Mark: Oh, not at all. Not at all!

Jim: And can I store this in my warehouse?

Mark: Yes, you can.

Jim: For how long?

Mark: You can store this product in your warehouse for over 1 year.

Jim: Can I test this product before I buy it?

Mark: You sure can. As a matter of fact, I’ve brought a small sample for you to test in your factory.

Mark: A small sample, I think this will be enough for you to test.

Jim: Yes!! I am very sure that will be enough. Can you help my workers at the factory to test this product?

Mark: Yes, I can. It’s very easy. When would you like to test it?

Jim: If you have enough time, you could go to the factory today. I can call and let them know you are coming.

Mark: Today? Sure, that’s fine. That’s fine.

Jim: Hello. Is this Tom? Yes, this is Jim. Today, a sales-techinician will bring a sample to test in the machines. Can you help him? O.K. Thank you.

Mark: Wow! That sure was easy!

Jim: Everything is easy when you are the Production Manager.

Mark: O.K. So after we have tested the product in these machines, when would you like for me to come again to discuss the results?

Jim: Give me one or two weeks. I want to look at the data. Then I will call you.

Mark: No problem. We can discuss all of the details then.

Mark: O.K. Thank you very much for your interest, Jim.

Jim: I hope it will help my factory to have more production.

Mark: It will. I guarantee it.

Jim: O.K. Well, thank you very much, Mark

Mark: Thank you, Jim.

Jim: Goodbye.

Mark: Goodbye.

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