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At the restaurant

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Ordering food and drink at the restaurant

Two person are discussing what they will order for a dinner at the restaurant. Listen to the conversation and repeat.

AI am hungry. Can we find something to eat?
AThis restaurant looks nice. Can we sit over there by the window?
BYeah, it’s very nice place for having dinner.
ACan you pass me the menu, please?
BWhat are you going to drink?
AI want to have a glass of beer. What about you?
BI think I will have a lemon juice.
ADo you think we can order Cheese Salad for appertizer?
BI prefer Artisan Rolls. But if you want we can order Cheese Salad.
AWhat about the main course? What do you recommend?
BWell, the short ribs looks very nice. I’ll take this one. And the salmon here is very tasty. I think you should try it.
AThat’s good. Oh, I’d like to have a cupcake for dessert. What are you going to have?
BThat’s enough for me. I’m not that hungry.
AOK. I’ll go to find the toilet now. When the waiter come, please order for me.
BOf course. No problem.

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