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Talking about likes and dislikes in English


Listen to Linda and her children talking about what their favourite subjects at school are. This lesson will give you some useful expressions of talking about likes and dislikes in English. You can use many ways to express likes and dislikes to improve your vocabulary. It is better to learn phrases than to learn words. Pay attention to how they say “like” and “don’t like”

Linda So, is this your class at school, Adam?
Adam Yes, it is. That’s me there with my friend, Martin. That’s Mrs Harris. She’s our Geography teacher. She’s really good. I like Geography. It’s my favourite subject.
Linda What other subjects do you like?
Adam Oh, well, I like IT.
Linda What’s IT?
Adam Information Technology – you know, computers and things.
Linda Oh, I see. Well, there weren’t any computers when I was at school.
Adam Oh, right. I like Art, too, but I don’t like Cookery, and I don’t like English very much.
Linda And what about you, Holly? What’s your favourite subject?
Holy Well, I like P.E., but my favourite subject is French.
Linda Oh, are you good at languages?
Holy Yes, I am.
Linda I was good at languages, too, when I was at school – French and German, but my favourite was Latin.
Holy Latin! Wow! Cool! We don’t do that at our school.
Linda And which subjects don’t you like?
Holy I don’t like Science. Well, Biology is OK – I like that, but I don’t like Physics and Chemistry.
Linda So, what do you like, Joe?
Joe I like History and I like Music, too – oh, and P.E.
Linda Well, you’re good at sport.
Joe Yeah, but History’s my favourite subject. I don’t like Maths. I’m not very good at it.

Language Notes:

When you want or don’t want something, you can use the expressions:

  • I like… (you want it)
    I like football.
  • I don’t like… (you don’t want it)
    I don’t like ice-cream.

There are many ways to talk about likes and dislikes in English, not only to use the verb “like”.

How to express likes in English?

  • I like…
    I like red roses.
  • I love…
    I love sunny days.
  • I adore…
    I adore fashion and more.
  • I ‘m crazy about…
    I’m crazy about cycling.
  • I’m mad about…
    I’m mad about that boy.
  • I enjoy…
    I enjoy listening to music
  • I’m keen on…
    I’m keen on doing difficult math exercises.

How to Express dislikes in English?

  • I don’t like…
    I don’t like cigarettes.
  • I dislike…
    I dislike crazy people.
  • I hate…
    I hate seeing him at work.
  • I can’t bear…
    I can’t bear your constant complaining.
  • I can’t stand…
    I can’t stand that smoke from the factory.
  • I detest…
    I detest coming back to his house.


What is your favourite subject?

When you ask people what they like something more than any other, you can use the question “What is your favourite …?”

  • A: What is your favourite subject at school?
  • B: My favourite subject is English.
  • A: What are your favourite sports?
  • B: I like swimming, cycling and running.

Note: the adverbs “a lot” and “very much” usually stand after the verb “like” and the Object.

She likes speaking English very much/a lot.

NOT: She likes very much/a lot speaking English.



[rapid_quiz question=”Tony loves ____ cheese.” answer=”eating ” options=”eating |eat|eats” notes=”Correct answer: eating”]

[rapid_quiz question=”He hates _____ to the dentist’s.” answer=”going” options=”go|seeing|going” notes=”Correct answer: going”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Peter enjoys _____ to work.” answer=”driving” options=”drive|driving|drived” notes=”Correct answer: driving”]

[rapid_quiz question=”They don’t mind _____ in the heat.” answer=”walking” options=”walking|walks|walk” notes=”Correct answer: walking”]

[rapid_quiz question=”I don’t really like _____ exercise.” answer=”doing” options=”doing|playing|practicing” notes=”Correct answer: doing”]

[rapid_quiz question=”My father doesn’t like _____ Coca at all.” answer=”drinking” options=”drink|drinking|drinks” notes=”Correct answer: drinking”]

[rapid_quiz question=”The children love _____ TV.” answer=”watching” options=”watch|seeing|watching” notes=”Correct answer: watching”]

[rapid_quiz question=”They are crazy about _____ football.” answer=”playing” options=”played|playing|play” notes=”Correct answer: playing”]

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