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Dialogue 28 – Debate and Elections

At a Debate

This continues our Everyday Conversations about elections.

Many schools in the U.S. have a class president as the leader of the student body of their class. A senior class president is the leader of the senior class in a high school or university. The senior class president often leads meetings with other student government members and organizes student activities and class events. Class presidents are usually elected by the students in their class.

Samantha: This is a great turnout for the senior class president debate! I didn’t expect such a large audience.

Jamal: Yes, it’s great. I’m looking forward to hearing the different issues that the candidates will debate today.

Samantha: Well, Preeta is running on a platform that is in favor of no weekend homework. Homework is one of the big issues in the debate.

Jamal: No homework over the weekend? I support that!

Samantha: It looks like the moderator and the candidates are ready to begin. Let’s go find seats.

Now let’s review the vocabulary

A turnout means the number of people who participate in or go to an event, meeting, election, etc. In this conversation, “turnout” refers to the number of people who are at the debate.

A debate is a discussion between people in which they express different opinions about certain topics.

Issues are matters that are of special importance to certain groups of people. They are subjects or problems that people are thinking and talking about.

To debate means to argue about certain issues or to participate in a debate.

To run on a platform means to make a promise about what you plan to do when you win the election.

In favor of means to be in support of something. In the conversation, to be in favor of no weekend homework means to support the idea of no homework on the weekends.

To support means to agree with or approve of someone or something.

A moderator is a person who manages a public discussion, such as a debate.

A candidate is a person who takes part in an election and tries to be voted into a position.

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