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Did you have a good weekend?

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Talking about past actions

Jane and her friend are talking about what they did on the weekend. Listen to their conversation and learn how to use the Past Simple.

AHi, Jane. How are you?
BOh, hi, Monica. I’m fine, thanks. And you?
AFine. Did you have a good weekend?
BYes, it was OK.
AWhat did you do?
BWell, on Saturday morning I cleaned my flat. Then in the afternoon I went into town and I met my boyfriend, Rob, and we went shopping.
ADid you buy anything?
BYes, I bought a few things – some clothes and a book. But then I lost my mobile phone!
AOh, no. What did you do?
BWell, we went back to all the shops.
ADid you find it?
BYes, it was in the bookshop.
AWow, that was very lucky.
BYes, it was. Anyway, in the evening we went to the theatre. We saw a very good play – “The Birthday”. It was very funny.
AOh, yes. We saw that last week. It’s very good. What did you do on Sunday?
BI did the washing in the morning and then I cleaned the car. In the afternoon, I visited my parents and I took their dog for a walk in the park. In the evening, I just watched TV. Anyway, what about you? Did you have a good weekend?

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