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This is our new house

Now you will listen to a house owner and a visitor. The house owner is showing the visitor around his new house. Listen to the conversation and find the words that say the parts of the house. Do you know any of these words?

AWell, this is our new house.
BVery nice. I like the garden.
AYes, we like it, too. Anyway, come in.
BThank you.
AWell, this is the hall.And this is the living room.
BVery nice. That’s a nice big window.
AYes. Now here’s the kitchen.
BMmm. And heave you got dining room?
AYes, we have. That’s here.
BGreat. What’s behind that door?
AOh, that goes down to the cellar.
BOh, OK.
ANow upstairs we’ve got three bedrooms.
BI see. Oh, this is beautiful. Oh, and you’ve got a balcony.
AYes, we really like it. The view is very good.
BYes, I can see. And is that the garage down there?
AYes, it is. … And then here’s the bathroom. And that’s it.
BWell, it’s all very nice. Can I just use your bathroom, while we’re here?
AYes, of course. See you downstairs. Would you like a cup of tea?

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