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Talking about an accident


Listen to the conversation between Ryan and Mike. What happened to Tony last week?


Tony Hello.
Bill Hi, Tony. It’s Bill.
Tony Hi, Bill. How are you?
Bill I’m fine, thanks. Did you have a good weekend?
Tony No, I didn’t. I had an accident on Saturday morning. I fell off a ladder.
Bill Off a ladder? Did you hurt yourself?
Tony Yes. I hurt my ankle.
Bill Where did it happen?
Tony In the garden.
Bill What did you do? Did you go to the hospital?
Tony Yes, well, luckily, my wife was in and she took me to hospital in the car.
Bill That’s good. What did they do at the hospital?
Tony The doctor looked at it, and I had an x-ray.
Bill Is it OK?
Tony Well, it isn’t broken, but it’s very painful.
Bill Can you walk?
Tony Yes, I can, but I can’t drive.
Bill Oh, dear. Well. I hope it’s OK soon. Anyway, I suppose you don’t want to play tennis tomorrow then.


Language Notes:

accident (n)
An unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm.

ladder (n)
An equipment used for ​climbing up and down, that consists of two ​vertical ​bars ​joined to each other by a set of ​horizontal ​steps.

hurt (v)
to ​injure someone or ​cause them ​pain.

hospital (n)
a ​place where ​people who are ​ill or ​injured are ​treated and taken ​care of by ​doctors and ​nurses.

ankle (n)
the ​joint ( ​place where two ​bones are ​connected) between the ​foot and the ​leg.

x-ray (n)
a ​type of ​radiation that can go through many ​solid​substances, ​allowing ​hidden ​objects such as ​bones and ​organs in the ​body to be ​photographed.

broken (v)
Past Participle of the verb “break”
to (​cause something to) ​separate ​suddenly or ​violentlyinto two or more ​pieces.

painful (adj)
causing ​emotional or ​physical ​pain.

suppose (v)
to assume to be true or real for the sake of argument or explanation

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Listen again and choose the correct information.

[rapid_quiz question=”The accident happened on …” answer=”Saturday morning” options=”Friday evening|Saturday morning|Sunday afternoon” notes=”Correct answer: Saturday morning”]

[rapid_quiz question=”He hurt his …” answer=”ankle” options=”back|ankle|knee” notes=”Correct answer: ankle”]

[rapid_quiz question=”It happened in the …” answer=”garden” options=”kitchen|garage|garden” notes=”Correct answer: garden”]

[rapid_quiz question=”His wife …” answer=”took him to hospital” options=”took him to hospital|phoned the doctor|called an ambulance” notes=”Correct answer: took him to hospital”]

[rapid_quiz question=”He had …” answer=”an x-ray” options=”an operation|an injection|an x-ray” notes=”Correct answer: an x-ray”]

[rapid_quiz question=”He feels it’s …” answer=”painful” options=”broken|painful|OK” notes=”Correct answer: painful”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Tony can’t …” answer=”drive” options=”drive|go to work|walk” notes=”Correct answer: drive”]

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