How to show sympathy in English

English Speaking Topic

  • What would you say to show sympathy?
  • How do you think they feel after the talk?

When you hear someone talking about a bad news or bad experience they had in life, you can show your sympathy to him/her. Showing sympathy is to make someone feel better. Listen to the conversation and find out how they use the phrases to express their sympathy to each other.

A Hi. Emma. I can’t make the presentation today. I had a car accident last night.
B That’s awful! Are you OK? Where are you?
A I’m at home now. I got a taxi downtown last night and another car hit us.
B How frightening! Are you hurt?
A I’m OK, thanks. The ambulance took the taxi driver to hospital. I think he’s OK.
B That’s good news. Why don’t you try to relax now and get some sleep? I’ll take care of the presentation. Call me if you need anything.
A Yeah, I will. Thanks, Emma. What about you? Did you get your driving licence?
B I failed my driving test. I can’t believe it.
A Oh, I’m sorry. What happened?
B I made some mistakes. I was really nervous.
A Oh dear. I think everybody feels nervous before taking their test. I was terrified.
B I feel so stupid. All my friends have a driving licence.
A Cheer up. It’s not the end of the world.
B I suppose so. I can take the test again soon.
A See? It’s not that bad.