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Introduce people and Greetings

Everyday English Conversation

How do you introduce a person to another? How do you greet other people when you first meet? In this lesson, you will learn to introduce other people and greeting in English. Listen to the conversation and learn introducing people.

Peter Good morning, Susan.
Susan Good morning, Peter.
Peter John, this is Susan. And Susan, this is my friend, John.
Susan Hello, nice to meet you, John.
John Hi, nice to meet you, too, Susan.
Susan John, do you live in this city?
John No, I don’t. I am from New York.
Susan What do you do for work?
John I’m a journalist. I work for the Daily Newspaper in New York. What about you?
Susan I’m a lecturer.
John What do you teach?
Susan I teach economics at the National University.
John Do you drive to work?
Susan No, I go to work by bus. It’s very convenient for me. Oh… Shall we go for a drink?


Language Note:


When you meet a person, you can say:



“Good morning”

“Good afternoon”

“Good evening” 

“How are you?”

“How do you do?”


When you say leave or someone leave, you can say:



“Good night”

“See you again”

“See you tomorrow”

“See you later”

Nice to meet you

You can use the phrase “Nice to meet you” to greet other people. This is formal way of greeting.

Nice to meet you.

Nice t meet you, too.

It’s nice to meet you.

It’s pleasure to meet you.

Pleased to meet you.


Introduce people

You are A, you know both B and C. You can introduce B to C to know each other. Usually, you will state the people’s name and how you know them.

A: B, this is my friend, C. And C, this is B, my sister.

As you can see in the conversation, Peter states the names of Susan and John, and he also says that John is his friend.

John, this is Susan. And Susan, this is my friend, John.


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