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Ordering and Buying in English

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How to order in English? And, how to buy things in English? Listen to the conversation between a woman and a the seller at the ticket counter.

AHello. Do you have any tickets left for the concert tonight?
BHmmm, let me check. Yes, there are a few tickets.
ABrilliant. How much are they?
BThe best seats are £85 each.
AThat’s very expensive. Are there any cheaper ones?
BWe have two at £60. They’re near the back of the stadium.
AThat’s fine. I’ll take those, please.
BCertainly. That’s £120 please.
AHere you are.
BThank you. Enter your PIN when you’re ready. Thank you. Here’s your receipt and here are your tickets. Doors open at 7:45 pm. Have a good night!
AThank you.


Language Note:

Do you have any …?
use this phrase when you want to buy something.
– Do you have any green vegetables?

That’s very expensive
use this phrase to express your opinion about the price, it is too much money for something.
– It is 25 pounds for one set.
– That’s very expensive.

Here you are
use this phrase when you give something to someone.
– Can I have a hamberger, please? 
– Here you are. That is 5 pounds.

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