Talking about things and stuff

English Speaking Topic

A couple is choosing the a place to stay for their holiday. Listen to the conversation and learn how they talk about things.

A What about this resort? There’s lots of stuff to do here.
B Like what?
A Organised activities during the day, beach parties or dinners at night, and courses in different water sports.
B I don’t like that kind of thing, to be honest. I’d rather have a quiet holiday and just relax.
A OK, well, there are loads of other websites we can look at. What about this one?
B No, I heard some bad things about that company.
A Really? I heard they’re pretty good.


Language Note:

a place that provide activities for people who stay there during their holidays
– The ski resorts are very busy this season.

lots of
plenty of
– There are lots of people at the beach

kind of thing
refering to something mentioned before.
– He spends all of his time on computers, video games and TV. He really likes that kind of thing.

loads of
informal way of saying “lots of”
– Loads of dirty clothes are in the washing machine.

refering to something mentioned before.

fairly or somewhat
– I have to leave pretty soon.


Note: You can use stuff and things for objects and belongings as well as activities, but be careful to use the correct grammar:

Countable: this thing / these things / many things
Uncountable: loads of stuff / lots of stuff / much stuff

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